Border Crossing into Mexico!

I told my Mom, “We will be crossing into Mexico Wednesday!” she replied, “oh god please be careful!”.  Most responses were those of concern but we were pumped to get going.
  Rian and I hit the road early Wednesday morning February 8 from San Diego. After successfully packing up we grabbed gas and twenty minutes later we were at the border.  You always think you can figure out something at the time, right?  Well thats true but it usually takes some guessing and asking.  We really should have brushed up on our Spanish….
  The sign said, “Declaring Items” or “Not Declaring Items” (something like that) so we thought, “oh yeah we have to declare the car”.  So off we went to the Customs building.  We went into the customs building with what I must say had a very clean white floor.  We took a look around….not many people, not many signs we could read, a bathroom (great!) and still no idea.  We then agreed that we didn’t think we needed to be in there so we headed to the truck and into the“Nothing to Declare” lane.  The red light came on indicating we needed to be inspected.  The immigration officer waved us over to another spot and directed us to the x-ray lane where we had to get out of the car while they x-rayed the truck and camper.  The sniffer dog came by and then all of the sudden she said “adios!”.  We attempted our Spanish and asked where we could get a vehicle permit…she then pointed to the customs building…the same building we were in.  Ok, our first instincts were right.  Off we went back into Customs building and bounced in-between desks and successfully received our 6 month tourist permit and vehicle permit…it was too easy!  So just a heads up always go with your first instincts and crossing the Mexican border in our opinion was a very positive experience.
  Off we went on Route 1 “scenic route” out of Tijuana. We took the toll road and ended up in Ensenada.  Here we drove in a few circles but then successfully exchanged money and bought a new Mexican sim card. We grabbed some groceries and were golden.  Everyone was very patient with our Spanish and as always very friendly.  It was refreshing to get back in the swing of things even though Nicaragua Spanish lessons seemed like ages ago!
  Stocked up and eager we headed to La Bufadora.  We perched ourselves on top of the hill over looking the ocean.  The wind came spiraling in as we set up which I thought was great because it had rained so much in California I thought it could dry up the camper a bit, but Rian didn’t agree.  We enjoyed lunch and chilled out, finally able to relax because there was no where we had to be but where we were!  The wind died out of no where to our surprise and we threw back a few frosty Modelos as we finally watched our first sunset on the Pacific Ocean.

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