Word of the Day: Gente (people)

  What I love about traveling, besides seeing new awesome places, is meeting new people. Oh!  And I love the food and drinks but that’s a given.  We started this blog because so many people wanted more info, pictures, and stories so here we are giving the people what they want.  HA!  Before we started this trip we knew lots of people were doing the same trip for whatever reasons and are documenting it via Instagram, a blog, a website, Facebook or all of the above.  I was a little hesitant to start one since there are so many blogs out there and really good ones at that, but like Rian said, we can only try.  So bear with me here as we start this journey and I attempt to document and share it with you.  All feedback and comments will be strongly appreciate.
  I of course procrastinated when we were in Australia and the States to actually get the site going. I mean I did some stuff and we brainstormed names and what not, but am I kicking myself that I didn’t get it going earlier when we had great internet? Uh, yeeeeah just a little.  Anyways moving on!
  Yesterday we had a travel day driving through a big desert and mountain area.  We stopped in Guerro Negro for the evening and stayed at Mario’s Tours and RV Park because the restaurant said they had internet.  We had a few drinks at sunset and watched the full moon rise.  Then decided to have dinner in the restaurant to use the internet, a little treat. Here was my chance to get the site online! Weeeell not so much.  The internet wasn’t strong enough, but we did meet two very lovely couples!  Both of the couples were retired and traveling parts of Baja in their motor homes/campers.  We all chatted about where we were from, our back stories and our future travel plans.  We laughed and agreed on thoughts we may or may not have had and talked camper shop.  When both couples asked us where we were going and what our plans were they were both in agreement that they wished they had done a trip similar when they were younger. They both wrote down our website address and were excited to follow us and see what we find a long the way.  We parted good night and headed back to the camper full of lobster ($15 lol) and margaritas.
  Rian and I chatted about how we were excited to see the Sea of Cortez tomorrow and how they were really nice people.  We wondered about the couples, if they were doing Mexican road trips at their age what were they like at our age?  They must have been kinda cool and like minded if even now they are going out of their comfort zones (well their campers were pretty swish but ya know what I mean) and continuing to travel…
  When you travel to a new place, especially a place where you don’t know the language very well you may feel a little vulnerable or maybe even a little ignorant that you don’t know the language.  But when you realize that people are just people no matter where in the world, you are you start to relax and feel more comfortable.  You even may feel a little more confident in the decisions you make and your attempt at Spanish.  Not that Rian and I needed the acceptance of anyone on our decisions but its nice sometimes to meet people that appreciate risk taking and doing whatever it is that you want to do.
  Everyones level of travel varies and when you ask most people what they like most about traveling it’s usually exploring or trying new foods, adventure or it can be as simple as meeting new people.  Meeting new people that may or may not be like you but maybe able to teach you something new.  Last night we shared our knowledge we had with the couples and they did the same because even though in the world we live in today there are people out there that just like helping other people and basically just chatting.  Yes sometimes they may be just chatting about themselves or something random in your opinion but other times you meet people that genuinely take an interest and find a common bond.  That’s a good feeling.  It brings you back to a positive side of the world where you can appreciate not only your own culture but the unknown culture you may be exploring and just people in general.  We are all people or gente en Espanol.  We all have to work, survive and try to get joy out whatever it is in life that brings it to you.  Learning about others and taking the time to think more about yourself  and other as a people brings you to really appreciate life.  Life wouldn’t be lived with out people so lets all try to get a long and enjoy the ride!

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