Southern Baja

  Cruising south of Guerro Negro we drove through a lot more desert and enjoyed some nice beaches on the Sea of Cortez.  Ending our first week in Mexico we arrived in La Paz.  The air got warmer and the sun stayed out longer, Southern Baja! South bond along the coast we headed.  Taking the advice given from a fellow traveler on the ioverlander app we headed to a beach North of Sargento.  This beach has hot springs along the shore, hey oh!  Passing the town of La Ventana we saw at least a million kite surfers eating up the strong winds making their way down the coast.  After one of our quickest travel time (2 hours, Baja is huge!) we arrived to an empty beach.
  The wind was strong, the sun was out and the temperature was cool, perfect hot spring conditions! The hot springs are along the coast under the rocks.  In some pools you could even see the water boiling, there were legit.  Maneuvering a few rocks here and there to let a little cool water in and you were in hot spring heaven.  Of course I had my first flip flop blow out of the trip fixing up an already made pool, but luckily I remembered we had our sweet $3 wal mart water shoes.  Such a perfect location to debut them!  We hoped around pools and enjoyed the first really warm water soak in a while!  As evening approached a few other van/campers pulled in.  Loving the company we all chatted and swapped stories around the fire keeping warm from the crisp dessert night.  The stars were by the million and then the full moon rose out of the ocean looking like the sun, it was pretty epic.
  As much as we could have stayed forever at the hot springs we moved on with only a week left in Baja before our ferry across to the main land Mexico. Another quick 2 hour ride south and we arrived in Cabo Plumo National Park.   We spent the day and night on a massive empty beach soaking it up.   Since it was a National Park there was no fishing allowed…so we moved on the next day but it was a great peaceful spot where cows even joined us for breakfast. Our next stop was San Jose del Cabo where we ended up at a public free beach that was next to the construction of a new big hotel development.  The hotel even had security there in the beach parking.  It was a very chill local spot which seemed to be far and few with all of the hotels along the coast.  We saw some Grey whales very close to the shore and enjoyed some light Mexican music that night.
  Friday we arrived in Cabo San Lucas with a to do list including, finding a place to stay, laundry, internet, tacos, and maybe checking out the weekend night scene.   Well it was all a success!   We ended up staying at a parking lot on the beach which was at the end of one of the big hotel strips.  That night we had some cocktails on the beach and met up with our friend Ross who I had worked with a few years back.  It was an awesome catch up with him and his crew slinging back drinks, enjoying live music and having a good night out!   We meet back up with Ross to hike to the top  of the mountain above the arches and Lovers & Divorce Beach.  We made our way up and seriously soaked up and enjoyed the good views and company, it was an great way to wrap up our Cabo experience.
  Needing to head back North to get to La Paz for the ferry we spent a day in El Pescadoro on Cerritos beach listening and watching the massive waves.  I kinda wish we had more time there but we were off.  We arrived back in La Paz and went past the ferry terminal to a place called Punta Balandra. Such a cool spot!  The tides go in and out of this shallow lagoon type beach with white fluffy sand on the Sea of Cortez.  It was a perfect spot for our last night on Baja.
  Later that night we thought after the day visitors left it would just be us and a few other campers, but we were wrong.  A big coach bus called the Green Tortoise decided that out of the whole parking lot to park directly next door to us.  We see people going onto the beach to set up tents and tables being taken out and food being made.  After chatting to them we found out they were a type of tour where everyone travels in these big busses from San Fransisco to where ever and live on the bus and/or camp if they could.  It kinda seemed like a traveling hostel.  It was pretty interesting to see the whole set up and to hear how the people really enjoyed it.  There were two guys that ran the bus including driving, cooking and herding the people.  Then I guess the passengers take turns helping with the cooking and the dishes.  I like that everyone didn’t know anyone and they all seemed so happy in everything that was going on.  They were even cracking jokes on taking turns with the bathroom shovel.  I’m assuming it’s pretty budget friendly but it’s cool way to see a lot of places and the sorta sit back.  The passengers raved about the two guys that run the bus and how well they drove.   A friendly passenger gave us pieces of french toast with whip cream and fruit the next morning so they ended up all good in my book!
Off to the ferry we go!

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