Pacific Side of Mexico

  From the endless beautiful beaches with waves, to the farms with the sweetest fruits, the endless sunshine and friendly people, all the way to every millionth tope we went over, the Pacific side of main land Mexico was awesome!  
Side note:  A tope is a speed bump that ranges in sizes that start at every small or big town and continue for ages.   They seem to sometimes appear out of no where!  If anything they make the fairly reasonable roads a big pain.  Positive note, you do get to really take in the scenery as you and your vehicle slow right down….oh Mexico!
  The Baja Ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan was a breeze!  Rian drove the truck camper onto the big car ferry, we checked into our cabin and enjoyed a nice long hot shower, a movie and a good night sleep as we crossed the Sea of Cortez.  Arriving in Mazatlan the next morning we drove south and kept to the coast!  We explored beach after beach until we reached Puerto Vallarta where my brother Konnor (AKA Kmann) arrived for his senior year of college spring break!  We arrived in a nice RV park for the week where we met a million friendly French Canadians.  Being a true tourist in Puerto Vallarta with Konnor, Nick and his parents we day passed it at their hotel enjoying the endless buffets, drinks, beach and pool time, went on a great tequila tour,  hit up the night clubs and go go’s in town and enjoyed their awesome company.  It was so great spending time with ones we love on the road!  The timing could not have been any better.
  Once spring break was over Rian and hit the road and continued heading south.  We stopped at surf camps along the way and enjoyed the miles of beaches and palm trees.  Along the way we came across our friends we met at the Baja hot springs Tiffany, Dan and Bella from New Hampshire.   We caravanned along the coast together and enjoyed some fishing, arts and crafts and lots of laughs.  The highlight of the Pacific side exploration for me was helping the baby leatherback sea turtle I found it along the beach one morning on my walk flipped over on his back franticly waving his little flippers.  (Sorry did not bring my camera that day!) I picked him up and brought him a little bit closer to the ocean and saw him successfully make it to the water on his own!  So cute!  On the night of the full moon we walked the beach finding sea turtle paths to where they laid their eggs high up on the sand.  We never spotted a mama turtle on her way but it was probably for the best for her privacy 🙂
  Mexico again proved to be such a beautiful place!  The hospitable and welcoming Mexican people, tasty fresh food, cheap everything and the most beautiful sunsets proves to satisfy our souls.
  Next, crossing Mexico interior from Salina Cruz to Palenque.  Ruins time!!!  Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!  Please let us know if you have anything you would like to read about, the internet is hit or miss but ideas are always welcome this way!  Thanks!

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