Yucatan Peninsula

  Driving across the skinny part of the Mexican mermaids’ tale, as I call it, was a lot quicker then we thought.  We went from Salina Cruz to Villahermosa.  The roads were ok, the topes were of course there, wind slowed us down a bit, the boat almost blew off the roof, but all and all it was successful.  As we drove more into the middle of the country everything all of the sudden turned bright green!  There was even a little sprinkle of rain.  We drove a total of 8 hours to get closer to Palenque in the Chiapas state.  The last few hours the road got real, real bad!  I have never seen pot holes that big!  It was like tire blow out central!  But anyways, we made it the next day to Palenque!  The ruins, the jungle, the vibe were all so beautiful and such a refreshing change!
  The ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque are unbelievable.  They seriously leave you speechless when you think about the intricate construction of these massive structures with their culture and beliefs seen throughout them.  It is amazing how they have withstood time and to think of all of the ones that are still standing undiscovered in the jungle, unreal.  We arrived early to the ruins and soaked up the scenery and imagined what they must have been like ages ago thriving as a community.  We bet the heat that day and St. Patrick’s day was celebrated accordingly with fun at the campground pool having great chats and drinks with friends.  The howler monkeys did not make an appearance that weekend but their voices were oh so heard.  The little guys sound like massive gorillas!  We might not have seen them this time but we will be sure to see more as we travel further south.  
  Continuing east from Palenque we arrived to the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico!  Cenote, flamingo, ruin and beach heaven.  Words can not describe how amazing the cenotes really are.  Cenotes are fresh water pools that are formed when the lime stone rocks collapse and connect with a huge under ground river system.  No wonder the Mayans set up shop in these parts!  We camped at a few cenotes and enjoyed them all to ourselves.  One Sunday afternoon many local families and friends of the area gathered and picnicked at the cenote we were also camped at.   I think we might have been in the nicest town in Mexico that day.  As we enjoyed the cenote, arts n’ crafts and hammock time we met the most friendly outgoing people.  Together we all joined in conversations as best we could, they shared their beers with us, asked us questions about our travels and everyone enjoyed eachothers company.  Considering the lack of Spanish the four of us have we had some decent Spanish conversations that day.   To top off our awesome Sunday Funday we built a fire in the cenote cave and enjoyed the evening as our talented friend Dan performed some of his beautiful music.  With the glow of the fire and the acoustics of the cave it was a weekend to always remember.
  After feeling rejuvenated from the cenotes we headed back to the coast towards Celestun on the Gulf of Mexico.  It was flamingo time!! I don’t know about you but I have never seen a flamingo in the wild, if you want to I highly recommend Celestun.  We took a boat up the lagoon and arrived at literally a sea of flamingos, the endless pink was amazing!  The flamingos turn pink from the crustaceans they eat found in the lagoon which also makes the water have a slight tinge of pink.  The small baby flamingos were only a pale pink having not ate enough yet, so cute! The tour through the lagoon and the mangroves was another amazing Mexico experience.  
  We continued along the coast and headed around the tip of the Yucatan peninsula.  White sandy beaches, every color blue water and of course the tourism lines the Riviera Maya Coast.  We had a proper Cancun session and enjoyed a free camp spot in the middle of the hotel zone over the weekend.  One special spot worth mentioning that we spent a few days at was at a place called the Cave Lands in Akumal.   This place is owned by a very cool Dutch man named Renzo.  He welcomed us to his property where he has cabanas and tent rentals as well as a few camping spots and a teepee tent.  On his property over the last 10 years he has dug out a cenote and a lots of caves.  He has lights and even a hammock swing in the caves making them such a cool chill space.  Of course our magical musician friend Dan spoiled us again playing in the caves that weekend.  I was so enwrapped those few days enjoying his property and the near by cenotes I didn’t take many pictures, sorry. It was such a cool place where you could tell if the caves could talk they would be telling some very interesting stories.  If you are ever in the Tulum area check it out for something special! 
  After a few days enjoying Solomon Bay and the Sa’an Kain National park we were getting at little salt slicked as the winds were blowing hard. We decided to head to Bacalar Laguna, a fresh water lake a little inland, that also has cenotes.  This Laguna is as clear as you could imagine with white sand giving it the appearance of the Caribbean.  Our “live free or die” New Hampshire friends Dan, Tiffany and Bella headed to Belize to continue south to meet incoming friends soon and we decided to go back to the coast.    We can’t wait to see them again in Costa Rica!    
  Rian and I are chilling on the Costa Maya coast in Xcalak enjoying the reef and white sandy beaches.  This is the last town before the Belizean river border and it is very quaint and peaceful.  It may just be the last Mexican frontier before tourism explodes here on the Caribbean coast.  We checked out a few property listings and found there to be a lot of beach front land for sale.  There are tough environmental laws here to protect the reef and mangroves which is good because it is definitely a very special spot.  We are enjoying our last few days here in Mexico before we cross the border into Belize.  Before crossing the border we have to make sure we eat all of our meat in the freezer, veggies and drink any liquor we may have so they won’t confiscate it.  I’m sure the next few days won’t be too bad for us 🙂  Hopefully we catch some more fish while we are here!
  We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and we miss you! XO 

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  1. Have printed off your amazing trip so I can read and look at the photos at leisure. I also look up your destinations on ‘maps’ to know where you are on that vast area of Central America – love and keep safe Granny

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