Rian and I flew through Honduras in two days and arrived at the border town of Los Manos in Nicaragua.   This border was another breeze to cross and didn’t take too much time.  We again arrived in the morning so it was cool enough and there was plenty of shade with small lines so we went through pretty easily.  We received our tourist and vehicle permits, immigration stamp and car insurance in about an hour and then we were off!   Rian and I were excited to headed back to the Pacific coast! 
  It was kind of funny being back in Nicaragua, things felt a little more familiar.  It was almost a year last year that were in Granada, Nicaragua for our Spanish school homestay.  This time around we felt much more free!  Free and ready to spend most of our time on the coast to hopefully catch a breeze and stay cool this time around!  Traveling with your home and a/c in the truck is such a treat.  Anywhere we go we get a nice break from the heat and arrive at a new spot with all of our stuff, its great!  
  We cruised west towards the colonial city of Leon.  Leon is a very beautiful city and very similar to Granada.  Rian maneuvered comfortably through the small colonial streets knowing what to expect from last year.  After driving a half hour west from Leon we were on the Pacific Ocean again!  We arrived in the small beach town of Las Penitas.  Camping was a little limited but we managed to get a spot at Rico’s Guest House on the beach.   Of course it was a tad hot, but knowing we were on the ocean somehow comforted us.  We enjoyed another spectacular sunset on the Pacific and enjoyed watching the local dog gangs socialize and patrol the beach.  That night the rain came down!  It was the first big rain for the Nicaraguan rainy season, it was awesome.  
  After spending some time in Las Penitas and crusing further south on the coast Rian and I decided to go back to the Laguna de Apoyo close to Granda.  Laguna de Apoyo is a fresh water lake formed in the crater of a volcano.  It was a nice change from the beach while still being on the water.   Last year we had a field trip to the laguna so we knew there were some good swimming spots and a bit of a breeze.  We stayed at the Laguna Beach Club in their parking lot enjoying the cool lake breeze, wifi and the view.  The change from sand to grass was much appreciated.  This year we were much more relaxed and really enjoyed the scenery and didn’t have to worry about our spanish homework! 
  After running some errands and stocking our supplies in Granada we decided to head to San Juan del Sur.  Last year we spent a weekend in San Juan del Sur and spent most of our time on Playa Maderas so this time we decided to check out Playa Marsella.  Last year we meant to stop in at the Aussie Hut in Playa Marsella but time went too quick so this year thats where we headed!  We saw the Aussie Hut on Google maps but it was not the easiest place to find actually.  We decided to walk along the beach to see if there was a sign or any indication of the place.  We saw a big hut and what we thought was an Australian map, then we heard “Hey Mate, over here!” and that was the start to our very awesome and extended stay at the Aussie Hut in Playa Marsella.  
  It was such a blast hanging with an awesome Australian family as well as their guests at their home/inn.  We chatted, swapped stories, laughed a lot, drank lots of everything, and ate amazing food all week!  Rian and a few guests went out on a fishing trip and came back with a big catch of yellow tail jack, mackerel and bonita.  We threw it on the barbie and had a serious feast!
  Playa Marsella is the beach next door to the surfing beach Playa Maderas.  Last year when we visited there were only one or two small hotels and now this year we could see a few more.  The area is for sure getting more and more popular.  The Aussie Hut has the best location in our opinion though, the beach is beautiful and the ocean is more calm and it is far enough away from town.  Nicaragua is a great place and for sure only going to get more popular.  For us we want to keep going and see more though.  The company and vibe for sure topped off our Nicaraguan stay!  We felt like we were ready to move on and Kevo (my Dad) finnnnally was able to book a trip to come visit us in Costa Rica!   So we were on the move again!

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