2017 back to the good ol’ US of A



  We arrived back to Las Vegas from Australia ready to go!  Well, sorta. Rian, the genius that he is fixed the broken back window annnnnd he fixed the gear in the crank up mechanism on the camper!  YAY!  Luckily he is so smart because when we called the company that made the crank up system they said that the company and all of the parts were sold to another company.  When we called thaaaat company they said the parts had just arrived the other day and they hadn’t even gone through them and there was no inventory.  That was a close call but Rian fixed it and off we headed to California!

  Yosemite was on the top of our list to do buuuuut there was a big storm that require snow chains…and we were freezing.  That was a bummer but again, next time!  We then headed a bit north to San Fransisco and Santa Rosa to hang out with my good friend Lindsay.  We spent a week wine tasting, hanging out in the Redwoods, doing arts n’ crafts and having fun celebrating Rian’s birthday!  We took another week traveling the coast of California to San Diego where we took care of a few things before crossing into Mexico!

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