RI – Las Vegas

   America is beautiful!  She is a country so diverse and so big.  We started in Rhode Island with our final destination of Las Vegas to catch our flight to the Philippines.

  The Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon were our favorites. Even though it was cold in the mountains and we totally were affected by the altitude it was still awesome!  The air is so fresh and crisp with a sense of freedom.  We spent most of our time in Colorado enjoying the National Parks and BLM land.  Our other favorite was the hot springs we hiked down to on the Colorado river.  There we met a bunch of fun people and enjoyed a soak and a good chat.  Rian even caught a brown trout fishing out of the spring into the river!  He was pumped.

  Our good friends the Whiteley’s in Las Vegas were kind enough to take in our truck and camper while we went to Asia and Australia.  Of course the night before we left we had a few issues (Vegas).  The back window of the truck broke and then the camper decided to stop popping up, great.  We left for the Philippines with a few unresolved issues but we knew it was in good hands.  Thanks again Simon, Dani and Ashton!

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